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Have you ever stripped an Affiliate ID from a link?

If you haven't... know there are plenty of people who think "Why should I make this person any money? I don't know them" - and they delete your Affiliate ID without a second thought.

Boom, you've just lost your commission.

By the way... it's not just a couple of weirdos who do that.

We've seen our sales spike up to 50% in some cases after implementing a complete link cloaking/stealth redirecting strategy.

There's more.

People don't TRUST affiliate links.

You may write the best review ever known to man... It sparkles with wit... Gives tons of useful info about the product...

Yet, put in ONE affiliate link and people will think you're in it just for the money. Result? They won't buy from you.

Boom! Your commission gone. Again.

Think that's it?

HA! Not really.

Use Free Link Shorteners...? That's A Whole New Can O' Worms

Problem #1 - Free link shorteners are banned all over the place
banned logo

Did you know most email servers use a domain blacklist called SpamHaus? Free URL shorteners like bit.ly are banned over there - so if your email contains a bit.ly link, it ends up not being delivered.

Pinterest has marked bit.ly (among others) as SPAM, and so have many other sites.

Facebook doesn't allow most of these free URL shorteners either.

Problem #2 - Free link shorteners appear spammy and people are afraid to click them

Thing is... free link shorteners are often used for SPAM and people know it. So replacing something like bit.ly with your own premium domain will make a difference - you'll see more clicks and more sales.

Problem #3 - Your business depends on an unreliable free service... AND you can't even edit your links

Imagine what would happen if a link shortener that you use goes down. The traffic stops. The income stops.

If you had built the links using your own domain, that would never have happened!

Or, an affiliate program decides to close shop. If you can't edit the links you took so long to build, you're basically screwed.

"Put A STOP To ALL Of This. Take 100% Control Of Your Links NOW"

Thing is...

It's painfully obvious that any marketer NEEDS their own link cloaking and redirecting solution... a solution that they control.

If you want more sales plus the added security of being 100% in control... you can't rely on free solutions.

We, ourselves, use Easy Redirect Script every single day.

Thankfully, it's super simple.

Smoking Hot, Updated, And Relaunched:

Easy Redirect Script
More Than Just A Link Redirect Script!

Check Out The Amazing Features Of Easy Redirect Script!

2 Second Link Cloaking

Need a simple redirect? Create one in 2 seconds!

Forget about SPAM filters blocking your emails, forget about long, convoluted URLs. Track every click effortlessly and have people trust your links.

Stealth Pages

Want complete protection from affiliate commission theft?

Stealth pages let you display your URL and title at the top - while displaying the purchase page in the main window!

Splash Redirects

A technology used by giants like CNN, MSNBC and many more. It lets you display a splash ad for X number of seconds.

Why not squeeze more money out of your visitors - without any extra effort?

Responsive And Fast

Don't you hate waiting on your software? The last thing you need that hassle with is your link cloaking solution.

That's why Easy Redirect Script is built using AJAX (the same technology is powering Google's Instant Search page for example) so you never have to wait for anything.

The 25 Second Install

For someone who knows what they're doing, it takes even less time. For someone new it takes 25 seconds.

You just need to upload a couple of files to your server. That's it! No databases to setup, nothing like that. Simple and effortless!

SEO-Safe (301) Redirect

A white-hat compliant way to transfer page rank and page authority to the another page.

No need to lose the hard work you've put into building up page authority - pass the link juice and make your empire grow!

Stealth Redirect

With this, you can bypass the sales page of the vendor and send your visitor directly to the purchase page.

This is a trick often used by gurus who create their own sales page for an affiliate product - multiplying their sales!

Categories And Statistics

Sort your links into easy-to-browse categories and see how many times a link was clicked at a glance.

You won't be flying blind anymore - you'll have state-of-the-art overview of what's happening at any time.

Works Anywhere, Anytime

Easy Redirect Script is a web-based application - that means you'll be able to use it from your iPad, or your smartphone as well as from your personal computer.

Control your links from anywhere in the world or take a peek at the stats while you're sitting at the dinner table!

Unlimited License!

Install Easy Redirect Script on as many domains as you need and enjoy free upgrades for 1 year.

Easy Redirect Script was created with you - a marketer - in mind.

It doesn't matter what it is you're doing now. Facebook, SEO, Twitter, Pinterest, list building, product creation, etc. You NEED a solution for link cloaking and redirecting your visitors the way you want.

Remember: the problem with free link shorteners/cloakers is that not only they could go down anytime, taking your hard earned traffic with them, they're also blocked in tons of places - and that DRAMATICALLY cuts your traffic.

It's simple really - if you want to build a business... you need professional tools.

Get Easy Redirect Script and see what it can do for you - you have 30 risk-free days to put it through its paces.

"How Much Is This Worth To You? … To Start Making More Money Without The Headache?"

You might think that Easy Redirect Script is a bit expensive.

That's cool, but we want you to consider this...

If, thanks to any one of the many Easy Redirect Script's features you sell just ONE more product for $150 and get 50% affiliate commission... Easy Redirect Script just paid for itself, right?

The next sale is pure profit, right?

And by the way... How much is sleeping like a baby worth to you?

As you've already learned, using free link shorteners puts you at the mercy of their staff... plus, if an affiliate program decides to fold, you can't edit the links you've worked hard to build all around the web.

You could lose your income overnight if you rely on free link shorteners!

… With that in mind, wouldn't you say that Easy Redirect Script is in fact a very sensibly priced business expense?

If you're still not sure...

Let Us Remove ALL Of The Risk

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Download Easy Redirect Script now and take it for a spin.

Install it on as many of your domains as you want, and use it without any limitations for 30 days. If, during that time you find that Easy Redirect Script is not perfect for you, we'll refund you every penny you paid - no questions, no hassle.

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It's Time You STOP Losing Sales And Clicks

Think of all the sales you've missed out on because people stripped out your Affiliate ID.

Or maybe your visitors don't even click on your links - because they think you're only in this for the money, so you can't be trusted.

People actively dislike affiliate links for a myriad of reasons, but the bottom line is...

You're LEAVING HEAPS OF MONEY on the table.

Oh, and if the email you sent to your list contains a banned shortener (like bit.ly - they're in SpamHaus' DBL) you can BET that up to 70% of your subscribers didn't even get it.

Good news is...

You can stop leaking money by installing Easy Redirect Script now.

It takes just 25 seconds and doesn't require any knowledge beyond uploading a file. It's as simple as that!

It's Time To Make A Decision

You have two simple choices.

One choice is to close this page and go on with your life and your business. It's probably the easiest of the two.

The problem with ignoring this offer is you're going to...


You could opt for the other choice. The red pill, Neo.

Surprisingly... it's almost as easy and risk-free as doing nothing at all.

Within 25 seconds it takes to install Easy Redirect Script, you'll have your hands on the most powerful and most easy to use link cloaking/shortening software on the market.

With just uploading the files and clicking a couple of buttons, you'll be able to turbo-charge your conversions and increase the amount of clicks to your affiliate links - as well as start using advanced marketing techniques like stealth redirects, splash redirects and so on.

Bottom line is...

Easy Redirect Script will let you expand your business, improve your ROI and give you an edge - without giving you any hassle.

And you can try it now for 30 days without any risk.

What could be simpler than that?

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