There are a number of times when a Stealth Redirect comes in handy.

For example let’s say you want to promote a product, and want to bypass the sales page. Here is an example I found on ClickBank for the popular product “Mass Money Makers”.

Perhaps I’d rather not give all my leads to someone else’s mailing list. Maybe I’d like to promote to the sales letter instead. Here’s how easy it is to do.

First, log in to your Easy Redirect Script admin panel. Then click on “Stealth Redirects”. Then fill in four categories and your redirect link will be automatically created for you!

Two things have happened. First, you have now bypassed the squeeze page yet you still get credited as the affiliate. Second, your link has been cloaked.

  • Non-cloaked link:
  • Freshly cloaked link:

See? As soon as you click “Create Stealth Redirect” you link shows up like this:

Watch the video below to see it in action…

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