There are 4 reasons you should never use a Free Link Cloaking service like or budurl.

#1 – Most Don’t Allow You To Edit Your Links!

Say you invested heavily into promoting a certain affiliate URL all over the Internet. You’ve put it on several sites and you’re ready to make money. Problem – the program you’re promoting shuts downs, changes to a new affiliate structure or somehow causes you to manually have to go and adjust every single link you have on the web.

Well most free URL shorteners do not allow you to go back and edit your links! However, with Easy Redirect Script you could simply log into your admin panel and change one single field, and it would automatically make the changes for you… Saving you hours of time and making you money, easier!

#2 – Those URLs are Impossible to Remember!

If I give you this URL- – would it be easy for you to remember it? However if I give you this url – – I’ll bet you’d remember that, wouldn’t you? You could recommend it word of mouth and you could find it and access it easily.

#3 – Scream Promotion All Day Long!

If a marketer sends you to a or budurl link, you know it’s an affiliate link don’t you? Plus a lot of Internet service providers either block or send warnings when people try to access URLs from some of these URL shortening services… Thus it will cost you traffic.

#4 Can’t Control The Type Of Redirect

With free you get pretty much one option – a simple redirect. You don’t get the Stealth Redirects, the Promo Redirects, or all the other Robust Features that Easy Redirect Script has.

Watch the video below for undeniable proof!

Now you know why you should never use free shorteners again!